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gitStream is a workflow automation tool that enables you to use YAML configuration files to optimize your code review process. Add context to PRs, find code experts for reviews, and automate the merge process to maximize developer productivity.


Approve safe changes

Auto-Merge PRs

Not all PRs need extensive review policies that loop in multiple experts. gitStream lets you auto-merge safe changes, small fixes, PRs from trusted teams, and anything else you want to unblock the review process to keep your team focused on their work.

Estimated time to review

Contextual Labels

Reduce the mental burden of code reviews with labels that provide a high degree of context. Indicate an estimated time to review or flag potential issues with Jira information, missing tests, deleted files, and more.

Assign Code Experts

Review Assignment

Identifying the correct people to review a PR can take time, particularly for complex projects and repos requiring deep expertise. Assign code experts to review complex PRs, notify your security team about sensitive changes, and automatically assign reviewers based on the contents of the PR.

Change Deprecated Components

Automated Change Requests

Reduce code review noise by catching issues before anyone invests precious time. Flag deprecated components, missing data objects, off-limits code, and other problems that need to be addressed before assigning code reviewers.

Build Your First Automation in 2 Minutes

  1. Install gitStream for free in GitHub
  2. Configure your repository using the instructions for GitHub. This will guide you through setting up your first automations.

That's it! Now sit back and watch gitStream run automation rules on your next PR.

Tip: Install gitStream for your entire organization

gitStream can be installed for one repo, specific repos, or all repos in your organization. We recommend installing for all because it will ensure all new repos are able to use gitStream. You can change this setting at any time in the future.

  1. Login, or create a free account on the LinearB app.
  2. Connect gitStream to your GitLab repos by following the steps described here.

That's it! Now sit back and watch gitStream run automation rules on your next PR.

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Get Involved

Want to report a bug, request a new feature, ask a question, get updates for new features, or propose a new configuration for the automation library? Join us on GitHub.