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gitStream Automation Library

This library of gitStream examples is meant to serve as a starting point for your automation. We encourage you to customize them for your project and organization.

How to use these examples.

These examples are all complete gitStream configuration files that you can download directly via the buttons below the examples and upload to the .cm directory of your repo. Alternatively, you can copy and paste the individual automations, but make sure you include all required declarations and any related custom expressions from the configurations to ensure they work properly.

Improve PR Efficiency

Auto-Approve Merges

Add PR Context With Labels and Comments

Improve PR Quality

Merge Routing

Quality Checks

Security and Policy Compliance

These examples help you follow your team's security best practices.

Third-party Integrations

GitHub / GitLab

Security & Compliance

Project Management

Chat & Communications

Feature Flags





These examples provide useful components to use in other automations. These aren't intended to be used on their own; instead they act as a reference point for improving other automations.

  • Colors custom expression - A custom expression that implements all of GitHub's default label colors in a custom expression.
  • CM File Header - A header to copy/paste to the top of your CM files to help yourself, and others, understand the purpose of the file.

Contribute Your Idea

Have a great idea for an automation that should be included in this library?

Submit your configuration on GitHub. We'll recognize your contribution publicly (if you want) and might even send you some special swag for your contribution.