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Suggest Labels

Automatically suggest labels to apply to new PRs.

Suggest Labels

Configuration Description

Conditions (all must be true):

  • A PR is created or updated that has no labels.

Automation Actions:

  • Post a comment that suggest labels the author can apply to the PR.

Suggest Labels

# -*- mode: yaml -*-
  version: 1.0
      - {{ pr.labels | length == 0}}
      - action: add-comment@v1
          comment: | 
            All PRs must contain labels that indicate which CI/CD systems must be run. PLease update your PR to include one of the following labels: `Build: Mobile`, `Build: UI`, `Build: All`, `Build: None`

            Additionally, Here are some labels you can apply to this PR that may be helpful:
               * Suggest Reviewer - Use this if you aren't sure who to assign as the reviewer.
               * WIP - Indicate this is a work in progress that shouldn't be merged.