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I can't see any action running

Did you install gitStream in your repo? Check that you see gitStream app on repository's Settings > GitHub apps:

GitHub App installed In case you don't see it, visit the marketplace and install it for free:

Did you set the workflow files correctly? Check you have placed these 2 files in your repository, with these exact names:

  1. .cm/
  2. .github/workflows/gitstream.yml

These files need to be committed to the repository default branch (usually master or main).

Check that you see "gitStream workflow automation" on the Action section in your repository:

GitHub action

Next, if you see failed action, check out the details:

GitHub action log

Some organization limit which actions can run, in that case in the repository settings you should enable it:

GitHub allow marketplace actions

Is the PR in Draft mode?

gitStream automations won't trigger for PRs that in Draft mode.

I have rules that should have blocked merge, but the PR can be merged still

For example, when using the set-required-approvals action, gitStream can ensure the PR got enough approvals before it can be merged. gitStream does that by running as a check and marking the check conclusion as failed. In order for the PR to be blocked, gitStream should be set as a required check in the repo: instructions here.

Merge enabled

I can't set gitStream as required check

In order for gitStream to be listed as a required check, it needs to be triggered at least once in that repo. First create a new PR so gitStream is triggered.

Check it under repository's Settings > Branches:

Branch protection rules

Required checks

I don't want gitStream to run on PRs that was generated by a bot

You can edit the .github/workflows/gitstream.yml and uncomment the if line, you can edit and replace the bot name with the bot name you want to ignore (dependabot[bot] in the example below):

    timeout-minutes: 5
    # uncomment this condition, if you don't want any automation on dependabot PRs
    if: != 'dependabot[bot]'
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    name: gitStream workflow automation
      - name: Evaluate Rules
        uses: linear-b/gitstream-github-action@v1

gitStream fails and I don't understand why

gitStream check run can fail from different reasons, and these are shown in the check result.

Missing workflow file

When it says Skipped — gitStream workflow file not found, it means that the GitHub action was not found, check again that you have this file in your rpeository root: .github/workflows/gitstream.yml, see instructions on GitHub installation.

Syntax error in the cm files

Check failure

Clicking the Details button will show more information and context.

Check error details

You can add this automation to see details on context variable.

How can I debug expressions and see their content?

You can dump any context value to the PR comment. For example, to see the list of changed files, use:

      - true
      - action: add-comment@v1
          comment: |
            FILES DUMP {{ files | dump | safe }}
            JS FILES DUMP {{ files | filter(regex=r/\.js$/) | dump | safe }}

gitStream fails with syntax error after adding new rules

IntelliJ IDEA has automatic code styling for YAML that can break the .cm syntax, check the following Settings/Preferences | Editor | Code Style | YAML --> Spaces | Code braces and make sure it is unchecked.

Intellij settings

VS Code YAML plugin by Red Hat extension [vscode-yaml]( has automatic code styling for YAML that can break the .cm syntax, make sure you disable bracketSpacing

    "yaml.format.bracketSpacing": false,

Not here?

Create a new issue in the project's issues